Frequently Asked Questions

We take your questions seriously. Here are the most commonly asked questions about Celestolite skin care.

Why Powdered Meteorite?
Because stardust isn’t just for Tissint enthusiasts. Rich in over 40 different types of minerals, powdered meteorite is singularly effective to increase natural elastin production and reduce the visible appearance of aging. Thanks to its unique mineral composition, meteorite is the key ingredient for Celestolite products.

Where Is Your Meteorite From?
We source our rare Tissint meteorites from the home of all great mineral specimens — Morocco. Acquired from select areas of Morocco, including the Atlas Mountains and the Agoudal Mine, our meteorite particles are then purified, powdered, and incorporated into Celestolite skin care.

Which Collection Should I Use?
Depending on the skin care concern you’d like to address, our Celestolite line recommends the following:
Use Venus Sensitive for delicate, sensitive skin that may or may not be prone to breakouts, allergic reactions, and damage from harsh pollutants.
Use Jade Spectra for dark spots, sun-induced pigmentation, and skin damage caused by historical toxin overload.
Use Cosmic Firming for wrinkly, saggy skin that deserves to see more of its youthful days.
Use Nova Bright to promote a luminescent, glowing complexion while warding off harsh urban pollutants.
Use Luna to revive the appearance of dull, weary skin.

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