Do you represent a spa or a boutique that presents the most innovative solutions and the hottest products to its customers? Are you searching for the best products to add to your collection? Irrespective of your needs, your volume requirements or other needs, Celestolite has something perfect for you.

The Celestolite wholesale program has been designed to suit the specific needs of your business. Get in touch with our representatives for a customized program that lets you enjoy a wide range of wholesale benefits.

Celestolite Products
Celestolite presents three lines that cater to different skin types and different skin issues. Our beauty products include luxury cleansers, serums, moisturizers, eye care products, masks and facial peels. Each product includes meteorite dust, one of the most exciting ingredients in the world of skin care.

Order Quantity and Pricing
With competitive wholesale pricing and low minimum order requirements, you are sure to find a solution that is ideal for your organizational requirements.

Next Steps
Fill out the wholesale form given below. Our representatives shall get back to help you complete the necessary formalities and become a Celestolite wholesaler.

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