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Featuring rare Tissint meteorites from Morocco, Celestolite is an elite skin care brand that pushes the frontier of skin care by combining cosmic minerals with earthly botanicals. Now every woman can experience the divine wonder of beautiful skin.

Why Meteorites?
Meteorites are multi-mineral compounds. Calcium, magnesium, kamacite, taenite, and chondrite are among the over-40 minerals found in Tissint meteorite, all of which help boost your natural skin health and radiance.

With Celestolite, results show. You achieve brighter and younger-looking skin by applying Celestolite’s potent blend of divine meteorite and earthly ingredients, which include research-proven constituents such as hyaluronic acid and DMAE.

Designed by dermatologists and estheticians, Celestolite caters to different skin types and goals. You’re an individual — shouldn’t your skin care be, too? It’s time to achieve your individual skin care goals with some love from the heavens.


If you have delicate, sensitive skin that requires hypoallergenic care, the Venus Sensitive collection is for you. This collection is formulated with nourishing botanical extracts such as aloe, calendula, jojoba, and olive oil — all gentle ingredients for delicate skin.

If you’re looking for an anti-aging solution, you’ll find the Jade Spectra collection a good fit. With extracts of green tea, herbs and super fruits, Jade Spectra promises to dial back those years for younger-looking skin, targeting dark spots, sun damage, and hyper pigmentation.

If you need to confront wrinkly, saggy skin, it’s time to give the Cosmic Firming collection a proper go. Designed with premium ingredients such as vitamin B3, peptides, collagen, retinyl and DMAE, this collection helps you revisit those younger days, bringing a firmer appearance to your skin.

If you live in the city and are subject to harsh urban pollutants, the Nova Bright collection is for you. Formulated with powerful anti-aging botanicals, collagen, and hyaluronic acid, this collection helps strengthen your natural barriers against harmful urban particles and free-radicals.

If your skin is dull and weary, it’s time to bring renewal and rejuvenation with the Luna collection. Illuminate your skin with transformative skin care, including the Luna Lava Mask and the Luna Thermal Activator, and see your skin go from boring to stunning.

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